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Leadership & Team Development ( across all levels ) :

Module Duration : 2 days.

"Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions."

Successful Team Leaders anticipate change, vigorously exploit opportunities, motivate their followers to higher levels of productivity, correct poor performance and lead the Organization to its objectives thereby reaching your own potential. The quality of any organization is determined by these two elements of Leadership & Team bonding.

 This workshop takes an insight into self assessments, role responsibilities, articulating vision and punching in dynamism in the participants to handle delegation, empowerment and organizational productivity .Leadership is enhanced through personal, team cohesive and organizational interdependency- bonding platforms with complete self realization of the participants.

This workshop will help you in.

  • Assessing self motivation, dynamism & energy
  • Developing, motivating and controlling teams effectively
  • Relating the impact of Empowerment on Leadership
  • Understanding role responsibilities & articulating vision
  • Handling situational leadership better
  • Handling time-anxiety and pressure.
  • Incorporating Mentoring Abilities
  • Honing your Creative Thinking abilities

Workshop Methodology:

The Workshop is highly interactive and uses Group Work Techniques to provide a nurturing atmosphere, where innovation thrives.

  • Expectation Management
  • SWOT Analysis & Personal Resource Graph
  • Tower Game for focus building
  • Role Plays for Ownership & Situational Leadership
  • Balloon Game for Self, Team & Organization Management
  • THAT’S Game for relationship management
  • Case Studies -
    1. Managerial Leadership Case
    2. Dealing with different situations ( for Situational Leadership )cases
    3. Manager & Subordinate Relationship Cases
    4. Ownership for job responsibility Cases
  • Management Stories & Examples on all relevant areas
  • Interactive Discussions all throughout and
  • Presentationsto evaluate the learning of participants.

Other than the outline mentioned above, workshops are primarily customized as per requirement. For any customization on each of the workshops, feel free to get in touch.

For  this Workshop’s Outline download our pdf.

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