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Interpersonal Communication :

Module Duration : 2 days

“In business and in the workplace, on the domestic front and in our social lives, we all stand to benefit from more effective communication skills”.

Successfully getting your message across is paramount to progressing. This ability makes an individual compete effectively in the workplace, and helps him/her steer a successful career progression. Focusing on the basics of verbal, non-verbal, written and email communication on the corporate platform, this workshop will help in developing effective interpersonal communication in both personal & professional front.

This workshop will help you in:

  • Understanding your and the other person’s communication style
  • Understanding implications of body language
  • Being assertive in your communication
  • Gaining Verbal & Written Communication clarity
  • Incorporating the best e-mail writing practices
  • Receiving & Giving Feedbacks
  • Handle external/ internal customer communications effectively

Workshop Methodology:

This workshop has been designed such that you have a complete learning experience with thorough industry relevance. The following methodologies will ensure this...

  • Slide Presentation
  • Management Games
  • Discussions
  • Group Exercises
  • Role Plays, Simulations, Case Studies
  • Video Based Discussions & Self Practice Exercises

Other than the outline mentioned above, workshops are primarily customized as per requirement. For any customization on each of the workshops, feel free to get in touch.

For this Workshop’s Outline, download Brochure

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