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Art of Effective Selling :

Module Duration : 2 days.

"The best salespeople sell differently". Everybody sells! In our personal or professional front we all sell either our ideas, thoughts or products & services of our company. But for every situation, knowing good sales techniques is critical.

High Probability Sales Training is based upon our study of top sales performers. We teach you the sales process that leads to sales success. Follow the steps of this proven, structured selling system, and you will close the majority of your prospects.

This workshop will help you in.

  • Understanding Marketing & Selling Concepts
  • Practicing Sales Forecasting & Planning effectively
  • Knowing the Structural Selling Process
  • Opening and Closing Sales Calls effectively
  • Fine tuning your Communication skills in Selling
  • Objection Handling
  • Negotiating Techniques
  • Analyzing Feature- Benefit analysis

Workshop Methodology:

This Workshop is highly interactive and uses Group Work Techniques to provide a nurturing atmosphere, where innovation thrives.

  • Role Plays for different sales situations
  • Games on Planning & prioritizing
  • Forecasting Exercises
  • FBM Analysis Charts
  • Case Studies
  • Management Stories & Examples on all relevant areas
  • Interactive Discussions all throughout and
  • Presentationsto evaluate the learning of participants.

Other than the outline mentioned above, workshops are primarily customized as per requirement. For any customization on each of the workshops, feel free to get in touch.

For  this Workshop’s Outline download our pdf.

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